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Mazda Payment Options

Are you a Mazda car owner? Mazda Financial Services has many options you can use to make your Mazda payment. Whether you want to pay it in full or finance it and make monthly payments, they’ll help you choose an option that works for you. You can use cash, checks, electronic funds transfer, or automatic debit. Find out the Mazda payment options.

Create an Online Account to Make Your Mazda Payments

  • Go to Maza Financial’s official website:
  • Click on the “REGISTER” button on the top right of your screen. 
  • Registering your Mazda Financial Services online account usually requires you to go through three stages. In the first stage:
    • Scroll down to the dark online form and enter the following details;
      • Your Mazda Finance Account Number or VIN. You will find these details in the welcome note you received upon vehicle purchase and your contract, respectively. Alternatively, you can also check your monthly statement. Your account number is on the top section.
      • Last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Click on the “CONTINUE” button.
  • Step two is where you will need to type in the following information:
    • Your Email Address.
    • Type in a password of your choice. When you’re creating a password, it’s essential to make sure that your password is strong. 
    • Re-type the password to ensure you got the correct password.
    • Mazda Financial Services has a few terms and conditions you should read closely before agreeing. After you review these agreements, be sure to check the box at the bottom of the page to indicate your acceptance.
    • Click on the “NEXT” button.
    • Mazda Financial Services will require you to verify that the email address you provided is yours. Therefore they will send you a confirmation email. 
    • Click on the “VERIFY” button.
    • The third step requires you to provide security questions and answers that will further help protect your account. You will have to:
    • Choose three questions that you are comfortable answering for every set of questions.
    • Click on “Choose security question” and select the security questions you are comfortable with.
    • Provide an accurate answer in the box below the questions.
    • Click “Continue.”
  • Do you want to receive email notifications from Genesis Financial? Then, check the boxes for what kind of service notifications you would like.
  • Press the “Create Account” button.

Make a Mazda Payment by Logging in to your Account

Once you have your Mazda Financial account, you can make your Mazda payments without fail. However, you will have to first customize your account and set up your profile during your first login. To log in to your account, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Mazda Financial Service website:
  • Navigate your cursor to the right of your screen and click on the “LOGIN” button on the menu.
  • Enter the following details in the login form:
    • Username.
    • Password.
  • Click on the “LOGIN” button.


Earlier, we said that Mazda Financial Services offers convenient features for owners of Mazda vehicles. These can help make your payment experience better. One of these features includes AutoPay. 

This feature allows you to pay for your monthly Mazda payment automatically. Automobile loan payments are scheduled to come out of your checking account each month on the set due date.

Other Mazda Payment Options

Apart from using the Mazda Financial Services online account to make your Mazda payment, you can use more payment options. Check out the options you will find convenient to use.

Pay by Phone

Mazda Financial Services has an Agent-Assisted phone system that allows you to pay your bills with the help of a live customer care agent. All you need to do is Call 866-693-2332 to pay by phone. Ensure you have the following details with you when you make the call.

  • Your Mazda Financial account number.
  • Checking or savings account.

Pay By Mail

You can also pay your bill by check. Whenever you’re paying by check, include an invoice with your payment. That way, there’s no confusion about what you’re paying for. You should include your account number on the check to match up the payment with your account. Mail your payments to the following address:

Mazda Financial Services

P.O. Box 74689

Chicago, IL 60675-4689

To overnight certified funds, you need to send a check to the address listed below. 

Mazda Financial Services

6400 Main Street

Suite 200

Amherst, NY 14221

Mazda Payment Questions and Answers

I have a sudden need to change the date I have been paying my bill on. Is it possible?

Yes, you can change your due date. If you need to change the due date of payment, there’s a simple way to do that. You should call their Customer Service Center at 866-693-2332, and they will be able to assist you.

I made a payment. When will Mazda Financial Services update my credit? 

If you want your payment to be credited to your account on the same day you make it, you need to do so before 8 pm E.T. Payment made after 8 pm E.T. will be credited the next working day. Make the payment:

  • By phone.
  • Through your online account.

My bank returned my payment. What happens now?

If your payment is refunded because of insufficient funds, bank errors, or any other error not caused by Mazda Financial Services, they will automatically re-submit the payment drafts. If the draft is returned, your Mazda Financial account will be charged a fee.

Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes. Mazda Financial allows you to make recurring payments. These are the steps to set up recurring payments:

  • Log in to your Mazda Financial account.
  • Navigate to the “Recurring Payment” option.
  • Enter the following information:
    • Bank information
    • Account Type
    • Account Number
    • Routing Number.
  •  Click on the “Setup Recurring Payment” button.

Customer Service

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Roadside Assistance: 

(800) 866-1998.

Mazda Email Address:

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Mazda Mail Address:

Mazda North American Operations
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