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Buy Here Pay Here Charlotte NC

DriveTime is your go-to Charlotte, NC, dealership when you need a quick sale or you don’t want to waste time on traditional financing. They offer their Buy Here Pay Here with No Credit Check program. This article takes you into everything Buy Here Pay Here Charlotte NC program. You’ll also get to learn why DriveTime is your best bet in Charlotte, NC.

Buy Here Pay Here in Charlotte NC

DriveTime’s Buy Here Pay Here in Charlotte, NC, has been in operation for decades. Hence, it has helped their clients of all walks of life to own cars. DriveTime has a variety of current models. In addition, they boast about offering their customers competitive auto loan packages, irrespective of their credit history. 

When DriveTime’s customers apply for auto loans in Charlotte, their agents provide them with payment options. These financing options complement their down payment and monthly payments.

Being a leading dealership, DriveTime helps clients get and finance their dream cars. They help tailor Customers’ auto loans into packages that will work for them. This way, customers can buy the car that they want.

The mission of Buy Here Pay Here DriveTime in Charlotte, NC, is to be the preferred vehicle dealership and finance firm for persons with bad credit. DriveTime is synonymous with creative credit solutions, high-quality vehicles, and exceptional customer service.

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

Buy Here Pay Here is an alternative method of financing a car that involves the dealer acting as the lender instead of a bank or other traditional financier. These types of dealers traditionally work with car buyers who have a bad credit score and cannot receive financing through a traditional lender.

That allows someone with no credit history or a history of bad credit to receive the financing necessary to buy a car. However, because of the additional risk of lending to bad credit buyers, Buy Here Pay Here loans typically include the highest-tier interest rates on bad car loans in Charlotte.

Many believe the high-interest rate is a tactic to profit from each customer, but in reality, this could not be further from the truth. Buy Here Pay Here dealers must charge higher than average interest rates to stay in business. That is because they need to offset the money lost on bad deals with customers. It’s all relative to the risk.

Why Buy from DriveTime?

DriveTime happens to be one in tens of auto lots. So does DriveTime excel their competitors? Well, the answer to the question is in the pros and cons highlighted below.


Finance Rate: 99 Percent

DriveTime does not say no to its customers whenever they ask to help, despite their credit scores. That is quite a boost to their reputation since it gives its competitors a hard time.

Flexible Terms

One of the unique things about DriveTime is that they have flexible rates for everyone. They are even willing to work with people with bad or no credit.

The more funds you put down, the lower your interest rate. They also give you up to 30 days after you purchase your vehicle to add additional funds to lower your rate even more.

Make a Credit Bureau Report

You’ll get a car, and you’ll help rebuild your credit at the same time. DriveTime reports your payments to the credit bureau to allow you to build credit.

Moreover, they will consider your well-paid car loan and offer better rates on future purchases (if you choose to buy from them again).

Warranty on Used Cars Is Free

DriveTime Auto will provide a 36-month, 36,000-mile warranty covering transmission, engine, climate controls, drive axles, and more for qualified vehicles. Many dealers offer this, but it is customers who end up paying for it.

Oil Changes at No Cost

With your car extended warranty, you will receive free oil changes. Now that’s amazing! That’s because the average dealership does not include free oil change in the package.

DT Champ

DT Champ is great, and it’s just another element that sets DriveTime Auto Sales apart from the competition. Once you’ve paid down the existing DriveTime auto loan (to $3500 on time) through DT Champ, you’ll upgrade to another vehicle with:

  • No deposit required
  • No trade-in required
  • Interest rates reduced

It’s nearly unheard of to find a buy here pay here dealership that allows you to purchase another vehicle with no money down.

Referral Program Helps You Pay Off Your Debt

DriveTime Auto Sales wants you to be happy with your new car. Multiple reasons drive their desire: 

They would like for you to return and buy another car from them

For you to be a loyal customer who refers friends and family alike to buy a car from them.

DriveTime offers a little extra motivation by giving you $200 towards your loan for each friend you refer that buys a car from them.


The cons we are going to cover here are specific to DriveTime Auto Sales. There are expected problems with any buy here pay here dealerships.

Interest Rates Are Too High

As previously said, DriveTime Auto Sales allows you to cut your rates by making a higher down payment. However, if you only make the required minimum deposit, DriveTime will subject you to expensive interest rates.

These charges might range from 18 percent and over. It’s vital to remember that DriveTime gives money within high-risk circumstances. Therefore, it must charge a higher interest rate for such riskier loans.

There Are No Significant Discounts Available

The price indicated on the window can be the same as the one you pay. However, DriveTime Auto Sales, like almost every other Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, will often charge a lot for the cars they offer.

They offer cars to consumers with credit problems, as previously stated, and such loans are problematic. The majority of Buy Here Pay Here dealerships will have a 15-25 percent repossession rate. They will make up for losses they incur by increasing earnings from those who do pay.

Mechanical Problems

These aren’t the only problem that DriveTime Auto Sales encounters; it’s an issue that every dealer experiences. Therefore, it is expected that even after a thorough check, a car sold by a dealer may occasionally break down.

It’s vital to remember that car dealers are not manufacturers, and their only option is to purchase the vehicle, check it, repair it, and afterward sell it.

DriveTime Auto Sales offers whatever it can to safeguard its consumers with free extra warranty coverage and comprehensive multi-point verification procedures. Cars, regrettably, are machinery that occasionally breaks down.

Buy Here Pay Here in Charlotte NC DriveTime Reviews

DriveTime’s services have attracted many references, and therefore it has a large customer base. But, perhaps what makes the Buy Here Pay Here in Charlotte, NC, DriveTime attract more clients are the outstanding reviews it has from reputable sites like:

Trust Pilot

TrustPilot has given DriveTime a 4.2/5 rating with reviews from 20,202 customers.