Auto Approve reviews

Auto Approve Reviews

Looking for a car loan?  The smart way to finance your vehicle with Auto Approve will help find the best rate and get it fast. Check out all that they can offer, from loan terms up to 100K. Rates start at 2,25%. Don’t have a social security number? No problem. Auto Approve doesn’t ask for it. 

The team at CIT Group is committed to providing outstanding service and quality control in every transaction. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can refinance with the company with confidence that your loan will be processed thoroughly without any hassle or problem.

Benefits of Auto Approve – Reviews

Auto Approve is the only company that doesn’t mark up your interest rate. They will always offer you a lower rate than what banks are offering, and we pass those savings directly to you. The Auto Approve brokerage is a legalized company.

With Auto Approve refinance program, it’s easy to get quick approval and your monthly mortgage payments will be lower than ever before.

The company partners with banks as well other lenders across the country to provide dependable service at affordable rates.

Applying Online for Auto Approve

You can apply for a car loan in just seconds.

Explain to Auto Approve how much you want to borrow for your next vehicle purchase.

There is more than one option for you. Comparing rates and terms of payment can help to narrow down your options in a way that will fit with what’s best suits you.

Auto Approve gets you the lowest rates and makes it easy for your business.

They work with banks, credit unions, or any other financial institution that suits your needs.

Finally, get on board and be able to make your payment. 

Refinance with Auto Approve – Reviews

Refinancing can be a great way to get your car payments down and pay off the loan faster.

If you were turned down for a loan the first time around, your credit score improved over time. Even if none of these apply – rates today make it possible to get into an affordable mortgage with little effort.

If you refinance your auto loan to the lower rate offered, then not only are you qualified for a better monthly payment and overall cost of borrowing money – but also more cash in hand.


If it’s hard to pay high car insurance rates, consider adding an extended auto warranty to your loan with Auto Approve. They’ll cover the cost for up to 3 years and provide coverage against wear and tear during that time.

It’s possible to combine payments or get reimbursed on rentals if necessary at no extra fee from them (up until $50/day). 

Guaranteed Asset Protection 

With Auto Approve your assets are protected with GAP. When you refinance, any new loans come equipped with the appropriate insurance coverage in case something goes wrong. Most GAP policies are less than $14 per month, which makes them really affordable for any family’s budget

Lease with Auto Approve

You can save money by taking out a lease, buying out a loan and trade in your old vehicle at no cost. 

Auto Approve has great rates and takes care of everything for you, including finding the right loan to make your purchase quickly. The company provides you with Auto Approve’s GAP insurance and extended auto warranty options built into your new vehicle lease agreement.

Your extended auto warranty is included in one easy monthly payment.

Guaranteed Asset Protection 

The goal of GAP insurance is to protect you from negative equity. When buying a car, the price can be higher than what it will cost for repairs in case there are major issues with your vehicle and this gap coverage helps ensure that nothing goes wrong before we even start driving.

Motorcycle Refinance with Auto Approve – Reviews

When you’re ready to get more of a thrill from your ride, refinancing is an option that can save money and time. You take out a new loan in order to pay off the old one while making lower payments on either it or another bike. Saving some serious dough over both total cost and monthly amount.

For good reasons, today’s interest rates are historically low. Motorcycle dealerships rarely give buyers a competitive rate. It’s very likely that you’re eligible for a lower rate than your current one. Plus when refinancing with an established bank or credit union there is up to 3 months of extra time on the loan before having payments again – this can be great if life gets hectic.

Auto Approve makes it easy to save money and bundle your payments when you add an extended motorcycle warranty with the Auto Approve option. 

Auto Approve gives you up to $50 per day for the rental car.

You might have GAP coverage for when things go wrong! 

Guaranteed Asset Protection 

The purpose behind Gap Insurance comes in when we talk about motorcycles. They depreciate so quickly after purchase compared to cars or trucks which can last years before being fully paid off.

When you refinance with Auto Approve, they will work to make sure your new loan comes with the GAP insurance that is right for you.