Ram Payment Options

Ram Payment Options

In partnership with Chrysler Capital, Ram Auto offers a variety of car loan payment options that favor you. You can pay in a single lump sum, in regular installments, in a combination of the two, or even in a skipped payment. No matter your situation, Ram Auto has a payment option that will work for you.

Create an Online Account to Make Your Ram Payments

One of the payment options offered you by Ram is the online platform. You want to take advantage of this payment method because it’s the easiest way to make your Ram Payment every month or scheduled time.

The online method is not only an easy way for payments. It is also the most convenient and

you do not have to worry about late payment fines.

How can you enjoy these privileges? By first creating your Ram account. It is vital at this point to note that Ram Auto partners with Chrysler Financial. So don’t get confused during the registration process. Follow the steps below to learn how to create your Chrysler Financial account.

  • Go to Chryslercapital.com ram.
  • Go to the “Sign In” title, hit the “SIGN INTO MY ACCOUNT“.
  • Click Sign Up for Online Access.
  • To register, you’ll go through several steps.
  • Step 1;
    • Select the type of account you would like to register. There are two accounts, and there are:
      • Personal
      • Commercial
  • Type in your social security number (SSN). You can alternatively provide your Ram loan account number. If you are not sure what your loan number is, there are two places you can find it:
    • At the top of your monthly statement
    • In the welcome mailer you received during your purchase.
  • Provide your Date of Birth.
  • Hit “Next.”
  • Check out the terms and conditions highlighted by Chrysler Financial Services. Please ensure that you are comfortable with each line. Then, if you like them, click on the “Next” button.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Type in your preferred password. Make sure that you follow the criteria provided by Chrysler Financial. A good password should follow the requirements below:
    • Be more than eight characters long.
    • Have a combination of uppercase and lowercase.
    • Have special characters (like #@<*).
  • Please re-enter your password to make sure it’s the right one.
  • Hit “Next.”
  • As a matter of security, Chrysler Financial will prompt you to select three security questions and provide their unique answers. For each question, follow the prompts below:
    • Click on the “Choose your security question” title. Choose one of the six questions you have no problem answering.
    • Click on the “Enter your security answer” title—type in an accurate answer in the box.
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Select the category of Ram’s alerts that you would like them to send to your email
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Revise the information that you’ve provided Chrysler Financial and hit the “Create” button.
  • Chrysler Financial Services will send you an email notification with an activation link. Check your inbox and click on the “Verify Account” button.

Make a Ram Payment by Logging in to your Account

When you have your Chrysler Financial up, you’ll need to customize it so that you can enjoy the incredible payment features that come with having an online account.

However, you will need to log in to begin the setup process. Follow the prompts below to log in:

  • Go to Chrysler Financial’s login page.
  • Click on the “Sign in” button on the top right of your screen.
  • Provide the details below:
    • Username.
    • Password.
  • Hit “Sign In.”

Automatic Payments

One of the most common features that Ram car owners enjoy is automatic payments.You get to schedule your payments on a specific due date, so there’s no risk of forgetting to make your Ram payments.

To set up automatic payments:

  • Go to “make a payment” in the menu section.
  • Select “AutoPay

Other Ram Payment Options

Pay by Phone

To contact Chrysler Capital’s active phone line, dial 1-855-563-5635. They accept payments from your personal or business checking accounts. Therefore, you will need to provide account information:

While making contact, have the information on hand: 

  • Bank Routing Number
  • Account Number is a unique number assigned to each customer.

Please double-check the number.

If you use this form of payment, the provider will charge you fees.

Pay by Mail

You can pay with a check, money order, or cashier’s check. When mailing your payments, keep in mind to include:

  • Coupon
  • Account Number

Mailing address;

Chrysler Capital

P.O. Box 660335

Dallas, TX 75266-0335


You can use MoneyGram to pay your Ram auto loan. They have over 33,000 sites within the United States.

To reach a MoneyGram representative in your location, dial 800. Whenever you send a MoneyGram payment, write the ExpressPayment form using the information below.

  • Receive Code: 1192
  • Account Number: Your Chrysler Capital account number
  • Company Name: Chrysler Capital
  • City/State: Dallas, TX

MoneyGram will serve you, but at a low cost for service.

Western Union

You can make Western Union payments online or even in person at a Western Union branch near you. However, expect to pay a small service fee. It would be helpful if you have the following information:

  • Code City: CHRYSLERCAP
  • State Code: TX
  • Your account number.

Pay with PayNearMe

There are over 9,000 PayNearMe facilities across the U.S. that accept cash payments. Vast outlets are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, you can pay whenever it is convenient for you. PayNearMe may charge a fee to all retail outlets.

Tap here and enter your location if you are unsure where to find a PayNearMe 7-Eleven and Ace Cash Express representative nearby.

Pay by CheckFreePay

CheckFreePay, the largest walk-in payment platform in the U. S., accepts payments for Chrysler Capital. CheckFreePay provides about 25,000 retail locations around the country where you may make your monthly Ram payments. Bring the bottom section of your report and your payment to the CheckFreePay facility near you to get your transaction processed.

By providing your location on their site, you may see a CheckFreePay facility near you. But, unfortunately, you’ll likely have to pay a fee for the service.

Ram Payment Questions and Answers

After how long will Chrysler Capital charge me late fees?

For precise details on late fees, kindly refer to the agreement.

I’m unable to pay on time. Does Chrysler Capital offer grace periods?

There is no such thing as a grace period. You must send your payments by the due date specified in your agreement. They charge interest daily.

Can I pay for my Ram auto loan using my credit card?

You cannot pay your Ram bill with a credit card. You’ll have to rely on checking accounts or other alternatives.

When it comes to processing payments, how long does Chrysler Capital take?

The time it will take for Chrysler Capital to complete your Ram payment is dependent on the payment method you select. For example, if you pay by mail, it could take up to ten days for your payment to be processed. However, when you make a payment online, Chrysler Capital will complete your payment within 24 hours.

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