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Mini Cooper Payment Options

Mini Cooper offers different ways to make payments for your purchase. Customers can choose to pay for their purchase in full, opt for the Mini Cooper lease, or apply for financing through Mini Financial Services. Mini Cooper offers flexible financing options for both new and pre-owned vehicles, and they offer 4, 6, or 7-year terms. You can also select bi-monthly or monthly payments.

Create an Online Account to Make Your Mini Cooper Payments

Using an online account to make your car payments is the easiest way to do it.

With Mini Financial Services, you can make your monthly payments from the comfort of your home. However, you need to have an active online account to use this MINI Cooper payment option. Follow the guidelines below to create your online account:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down the page to the MINI Owners Lounge and click Register
  • Enter your Username
  • Key-in your Password. Ensure that the Password you create is strong by combining numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters
  • Re-type your Password to verify its consistency
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Re-type the Email Address for verification purposes
  • Insert your Social Security Number
  • Re-type the Social Security Number
  • Enter your ZIP Code. Ensure that it is similar to the ZIP Code on your MINI Financial Services account
  • Read the Online Services Agreement and check the I Accept The Online Services Agreement button.
  • Please go through the Electronic Disclosure Agreement, check the icon labeled, I Have Read, and Accept the Esign Disclosure Agreement.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • You will receive an email verification request in your email. Click Verify.
  • You will receive a redirection to your Mini Financial Services online account, where you can now start your online operations.

Make a Mini Cooper Payment by Logging in to Your Account

Now that your online account is ready to use, you can go ahead and make your payments by logging into your account. The following steps will guide you through submitting your MINI Cooper payment by logging into your account.

  • Go to
  • Enter your Username
  • Key-in your Password
  • Click the login button.

Once you are into your account, you need to connect your MINI Cooper car loan account with your MINI Cooper online credit account. For the efficacy of the entire process, you need to do the following:

  • Add your vehicle account number. You can easily get this number on your Welcoming note or the upper part of your monthly billing statement.
  • Set up your Account Preferences by indicating your banking account details from which you will be making your payments. You also need to select your preferred mode of receiving notifications relating to your MINI Financial Services account.
  • Indicate your monthly payment option whether you will automate the payments or prompt the payments whenever the payment is due.


Setting up recurring or automatic payments can be crucial, especially if you have busy schedules. You are unlikely to miss out on your payment date with this option, hence incurring late payment charges.

Once you select EasyPay, you need to include the date you can conveniently avail the charges. You will always receive a notification from your bank and MINI Financial Services whenever the deductions occur. 

Other Mini Cooper Payment Options 

Other than the online payment option, MINI Financial Services has other alternatives you can use to settle your payment.


UltimatePay is a suitable option for individuals who might not always be around to settle their monthly payments. All you need to do is set up a specific date of the month when you will make a one-time payment.

Payment by Mail

Although online payment might seem favorable to some people, other individuals still prefer the traditional methods of payment. MINI Financial Services accommodates all. You can thus mail your payments as shown below:

MINI Car Lease Customers

Your checks should be payable to MINI Financial Services. Send the payment to:

MINI Financial Services

P.O. BOX 78103

Phoenix, AZ 85062-8103


MINI Financial Services,

P.O. BOX 9001065

Louisville, KY 40290-1065

Kindly note that the address you use will depend on your location. Therefore, you must confirm the address relevant to your region by calling 1-866-MINI-4ME.

MINI Loan or Retail Customers

Your checks should be payable to BMW Bank of North America and sent to:

BMW Bank of North America

P.O. BOX 78066

Phoenix, AZ 85062-8066

Whether you are paying using money orders or checks, ensure that you write down your ten-digit MINI Financial Services account number.

Mini Cooper Payment Questions and Answers

How can I address questions regarding my payment?

Regardless of your questions or concerns, you can conveniently talk to the MINI Financial Services customer care by calling 1-866-MINI-4ME. 

Note that the calling hours are from Monday to Thursday, 9 am-9 pm EST, and Friday, 9 am -6 pm EST.

You can also send your queries to:

P.O. BOX 3608

Dublin, OH 43016-0306

How can I cancel my online payments?

To cancel your monthly EasyPay, you need to call or write to MINI Financial Services three business days or more before the scheduled payment day. The scheduled withdrawals will stop at any time.

What can I do if I notice an Erroneous transaction on my account?

If there is an erroneous debit on your account, call (800) 578-5000 within 60 days after you notice the wrong transaction. You should make the call from Monday to Thursday 9 am-9 pm E.T., and on Friday 9 am-6 pm E.T.

You can also send a written concern to:

BMW Financial Services NA, LLC

P.O. BOX 3608

Dublin, Ohio 43016-0306

You can also use the Message Center to send your message by using your MINI Owners Lounge online account. For any of the communication avenues, ensure that you submit the following information:

  1. Your name and account number
  2. Description of the erroneous transaction and your reasons for terming it an error
  3. The amount debited in error

Ensure that you follow up your call with a written submission within 10 working days. Investigations might last up to 45 days, after which you will receive feedback within three working days.

If you are a Massachusetts resident, the company uses ten calendar days instead of ten business days to determine the error. You must keep documents indicating the transfer of funds as evidence. 

What can I do when there is a system interruption while submitting my online payment?

If there is a system failure or interruption while you are in the process of submitting your online payment, you must make follow-ups to verify whether it was complete or pending. You can confirm this through other means other than online and make necessary adjustments as required.

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