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Land Rover Payment Options

In terms of Land Rover Payment options, Land Rover Financial Group is your best bet. They have a broad range of auto loan and lease options that can cover many Land Rover models. So whether you’re looking to lease a Range Rover Evoque or purchase a Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Financial Group can help.

Create an Online Account to Make Your Land Rover Payments

The Land Rover Financial Group has the option of making your Land Rover payments using their online platform. Their online platform is easy to use, and you can pay your monthly payments directly from your bank account. However, you need an account to subscribe to this payment option. Follow the steps below on how to create an online account to make your Land Rover payments.

  • Visit the Land Rover Financial group’s website
  • Click on the “SIGN-IN” button. That is on the right of your screen in the menu section.
  • Under the “MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT” tab, click on the “ENROLL.” The link is below the “NEW CUSTOMER” title.
  • It’s important to note that Land Rover Financial Group partners with Chase bank for financial transactions. Therefore, the following registration steps will continue on Chase bank’s online registration page.
  • To enroll:
    • Choose the account type you are going to use. Choose between:
      • Personal.
      • Business.
      • Commercial.
    • Enter your Auto loan Account number.
    • Type in your Social Security Number.
    • Key in a username of your choice. Make sure it meets the criteria provided by Chase.
    • Cross-check the information you have provided. If everything is okay, click on the “Next” button.
    • Next, enter the details below:
      • First Name.
      • Last Name.
      • Address.
      • Email address.
      • Phone Number.
      • Password: When you have a password that is easy to remember, you have a password that is also easy for others to guess. It would be best if you had a password that’s a little more difficult to guess. It should be a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.
    • Click on “Next.”
    • Once you sign up for Chase Financial, you’ll receive an email with a link to confirm your account. Click on that link that’s sent to you to complete your account setup.

Make a Land Rover Payment by Logging in to your Account

Once you have your Land Rover Financial Group running, there’s more that you can do to make your online experience better. But first, you will need to log in to your account. 

  • Go to Land Rover Financial’s homepage using the link:
  • Hit the “SIGN-IN” button.
  • Click on the “SIGN-IN” link under the “MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT” section.
  • Key in the details below:
    • Username.
    • Password.
  • Click on the “Sign in” button.


The idea of making your Land Rover payments without queuing in line or writing checks sounds magical. But even more interesting is the AutoPay feature. This feature comes in handy since it makes sure that your transactions take place on time without you lifting a finger. As a result, you do not have to worry about making your Land Rover payments on time, and the monthly payments are automated. 

Your job is to make sure that your checking account has enough money.

To set up for AutoPay:

  • Click on “Make a Payment” in the menu section.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Go to “AutoPay

Other Land Rover Payment Options

Land Rover Financial Group, in partnership with Chase, has different alternatives you can use apart from using the online platform. These payment options include:

Pay by Phone

Chase has an automated system for monthly payments. Just call 1-800-346-9127, and the automated system will walk you through the process.

When making the call, you will be required to provide the details below. 

  • Routing number.
  • Account number.

Check and Money Order

To deposit a check into your checking or savings account, visit your nearest Chase branch. Be sure to bring the check along with you. On the other hand, you can mail your check to Chase’s address if you cannot see your local Chase branch. You can check it out in your statement, and it would be best if you also remembered to include all the required details.

It can take up to 7 business days for your payment to be processed. If you submit the payment on the due date, Chase will consider it as a late payment. The thumb sure is that you should do the transaction seven days before your actual due date.

Pay Online through Other Banks

If you have a Land Rover Auto Loan payment from a different bank account, you’ll need to refer to the bank’s website for online guidelines.

When determining payments, banking policy is crucial. Generally, the only accepted form of payment is cash, but some banks will electronically transfer funds. However, when banks mail checks, they can take days to reach their destination. For this reason, setting up automatic fund transfers is a good idea.

Find out more about Land Rover Financial Services. 

Land Rover Payment Questions and Answers

When will the credit for my auto payment be reflected on my account?

When you make a payment on business days and during business hours, it should appear on your Chase account the following day. Check back in with your account, and you’ll see your transaction history, including the last 24 hours of payments, transactions, and deposits.

How do I join a Non-Chase account to my payments?

To add a non-chase checking account:

  • Go to your Land Rover Financial Group account.
  • Click on the “Pay loan” button.
  • Click on “Add an Account.”
  • Now, follow the steps that follow.

I scheduled my payment online, but I want to cancel it. Is that possible?

It is possible to cancel a payment that you’ve scheduled, but there is a catch. The payment status should not indicate “Complete.” You can, however, cancel the payment within 24 hours. will send you an email notifying you that the cancellation is successful.

I need to request a change to my lease’s payment due date. What should I do?

Chase Financial customers can now adjust their lease due date! If you would like to do so, contact Chase Financial customer service on 1-800-227-5151.

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