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Kia USA Payment Option

Kia Motors has been a big name in the automotive industry, and they only intend to get bigger and better with time. The brand’s primary concern is to make your interactions with them a pleasurable one. That is why they have invested a lot to ensure that Kia USA payment is a streamlined experience for your convenience.

Kia Motor Finance offers a variety of ways to get into your new car. Through this article, you will know more about KIA USA payment options to help you plan your purchases better.

Create an Online Account to Make Your Kia USA Payments

You can settle your Kia USA payments from the comfort of your home using their online platform.

Besides the convenience of making your payments, you can access other online tools to help manage your account better. Follow these simple steps to get started on a life of online payment convenience:

    • From the Kia Motors Finance homepage, click the Create an Account option on the upper left side of the screen below the company’s logo
    • Enter your Account Number or VIN. You can check the VIN on your contract and the account number in your statement.
  • Enter your Birth Date or the Business Starting Date
  • Put down the Last Four Numbers of SSN / Tax ID Last Four Numbers
  • Click Verify
    • Create a Username using your active email address
  • Enter and confirm the unique but easy to remember Password
  • Move on to the Set Communication Preferences section
  • Select your Account Alerts as required
  • Finish the registration process.

Make a Kia USA Payment by Logging in to Your Account

Now that you have a ready-to-use account, you can use it to make your payments conveniently. Here’s how you can make your payments online:

  • Go to the upper left section of your screen on the homepage
  • Put in your Username
  • Enter your Password
  • Press the login button

Once you are logged into your account, you can safely make your payments.


One of the most convenient tools you get when using your online account is AutoPay. You can conveniently set up a specific time and day when your payment transaction will materialize automatically.

Sign In to your account and enroll in AutoPay. Set up your monthly payment date, amount, and bank account from which to make the deductions.

Alternatively, you can request AutoPay manually by downloading the AutoPay enrollment form. After filling it, please return it to the Kia Motor Finance providers.

Find out more about Kia Financial Services and Current Offers.

Other Kia USA Payment Options

Kia Motor finance has something for everyone. Not everyone prefers online payment options, and there are other alternatives that you can use for your convenience.

Payment by Mail

You can send your payments by mail to the addresses below. Remember to include your payment and remit coupon. If you do not have a remit coupon, be sure to include your account number on the check.

Retail Customers

Regular Mail Address:

Kia Motors Finance

P.O. Box 650805

Dallas, TX 75265-0805

Overnight Mail Address:

Kia Motors Finance

Box 650805

1501 North Plano Rd., Suite 100

Richardson, TX, 75081

Lease Customers

Regular Mail Address:

Kia Motors Finance

P.O. Box 660891

Dallas, TX 75266-0891

Overnight Mail Address:

Kia Motors Finance

Box 660891

1501 North Plano Rd., Suite 100

Richardson, TX, 75081

Payment In Person

Western Union

To locate a Western Union location, call 800-634-3422. To process your payment, Western Union will need the following details: 

Pay to: Kia Motors Finance

City Code: KMF

State Code: CA


To find a location, call 800-666-3947. To process your payment, MoneyGram will need the following details: 

Company: KMF

Receive Code: 3984

Please note that a convenience fee will be applied when you choose to use either MoneyGram or Western Union services, and KMF may keep a percentage of the charge. Please check your billing statement for the correct account number and codes before using these “cash only” locations.

Credit Card 

It is impossible to pay your account with a credit card straight through Kia Motors Finance, and you can use Western Union Quick Collect to pay with Visa or MasterCard. Please note that there are fees and limits in place.

Call (800)634-3422 to use Western Union Quick Collect. Please have your Kia Motors Finance account number and the payee information handy:

Payee: Kia Motors Finance

City Code: Kia

State Code: CA

There is a charge for using this service.

Payment by Phone

  • Call (866) 498-4455 for an automated phone system. Please be prepared with your KMF account and financial information. To use this service, there is a $3.95 facility fee per transaction.
  • Call (866) 644-1350 to speak with a live representative. Please be prepared with your KMF account and financial information. To utilize this service, there is a facility fee of $7.95 per transaction.
  • ACI, their provider, offers the payment by phone service. ACI’s Terms & Conditions are available on their website.

Kia USA Payment Questions and Answers

Can any person submit payments to my account?

Essentially, anyone who has permission to make payments on a bank account can make a Kia Motors Finance account payment. The process of making a payment is simple and easy to complete.

Will my Autopay automatically stop when my contract ends or when I finish paying my vehicle?

Your recurring payment will draft on the same day each month until the scheduled end date. The only exception is if the planned end date is the last day of the month, in which case it will draft the next month.

Furthermore, always remember to check and cancel any regular automated payments you authorized through a banking institution, third party bill pays service or dealership.

If you fail to stop any recurring payments, your dealership or third-party bill-pay service may continue to charge your credit card or bank account without your authorization.

Why didn’t my Autopay go through?

AutoPay may fail for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is payment was attempted but failed. To figure out if this happens to you, you should review your bank statement. If it appears that your bank reversed the payment, contact them.

Your recurring payment is coming to an end: You’ll receive a notice in your email inbox about an impending expiration. Check your spam and junk folders to make sure you haven’t missed this vital message.

Do you have limits for one-time payments?

You first need to decide whether you want to pay by credit card or by using an automated phone system. If you choose to pay through an automated phone system, the minimum processable amount at one time is $1, and the maximum amount is $25,000.

You can also pay by phone with a live representative. The minimum amount processable through the phone is $1, and the maximum amount at one time is $2,999.99. 

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