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Infiniti Payment Option

With Infiniti finance, you can own the car of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to drive the new Q60, Q50S, QX30, QX50, QX Sport, or another model, our team of experts is ready to help at the click of a button. Additionally, if you are thinking of refinancing an existing vehicle, Infiniti finance provides flexible Infiniti payment options which are free and fast. That makes it easier than ever for you to get behind the wheel of your favorite car.

Create an Online Account to Make Your Infiniti Payments

With Infiniti, you can get several options to pay off your auto bills. While you can do it in person, you can also do so online. To proceed with the latter option, you need to create an online account to make your Infiniti payments. Here are some quick steps to guide you through.

  • Go to Infiniti Finance homepage. 
  • Scroll down your screen to the footer menu and select Infiniti Finance from the purchase category
  • On the far right upper corner, you will see two options; Login/ Register. Select “Register”
  • Alternatively, you can follow this login link to land directly on the Sign Up page.
  • Select the “Register” button right below the Login section
  • Enter your Email Address and Confirm it
  • Type in your unique Password and then Confirm it. The confirmation will help you ascertain your choice.
  • Select a Security Question
  • Enter the Security Answer
  • Proceed on to give the Customer Details
  • Enter your First Name. If the customer is a company, type in the Business Name
  • Insert your Last Name or Re-Enter the Business Name (use the option that applies to you)
  • Enter your Address
  • Type in the name of your City
  • Insert your State
  • Enter the ZIP Code
  • Select your Language Preference, whether English or Spanish
  • Tap on the tab on I agree to the Terms & Conditions. Only be sure that you go through all the points before you sign the agreement.
  • You will then have to confirm you are human by selecting I’m not a robot.
  • Finally, select the Create My Account button.

Make an Infiniti Payment by Logging in to Your Account

Now that your Infiniti Payment account is active, you can use it to make your payments.

  • Go to Infiniti Finance homepage. 
  • Select Login on the upper right corner of your screen
  • Enter your Email Address followed by your Password
  • Click the login button. You can also access your online account through the INFINITI Finance Account Manager on your smartphone.
  • In the Payment Snapshot area, choose  Make a Payment.
  • Submit the payment by following the instructions given. You will receive a confirmation email once the money has been correctly submitted.

One-Time Payment

Once you log in to your account, you can make your Infiniti payment using our single payment option, which is offered at no cost. Using your checking or savings account, you can schedule a one-time payment that covers your chosen period.

  • Log in or register your account as shown above, 
  • Choose  Make a Payment on the Payment Snapshot area.
  • Select your payment option
  • Follow the given instructions and submit your payment. With a successful payment submission, you will receive an email confirmation.


You can also make a one-time payment online by using BillMatrix. You can use any financial card like a Visa/ Mastercard Check Card, an electronic check/ ACH, or an ATM/ debit card. However, you will pay $5.95 as a convenience fee.

Follow these steps to complete an Express One-Time Payment:

  • From the top menu bar, choose Payments.
  • Select View Other Payment Options from the list of helpful links.
  • From the drop-down menu, select your Account Type.
  • Choose BillMatrix as your payment method.
  • Follow the steps outlined on the page.

One time Payment on Your Mobile App

Our free one-time payment option allows you to make a payment using your checking or savings account.

  • Once you’ve logged in, go to the account button or the menu tab at the bottom of the page and select PAY NOW.
  • You may add/edit the Payment Amount, Payment Date, and Payment Account by selecting the arrow.
  • Once you’ve double-checked your information, use the SLIDE TO PAY bar to complete your transaction.

Other Infiniti Payment Options

Infiniti Finance is flexible and considerate in giving its customers a variety of payment options. All you need to do is go to the Payment Options page and make your choice.

Begin by selecting your Account Type followed by your Payment Type.


This payment option is fast and easy and offers convenience to MoneyGram customers. MoneyGram collects a fee for using this system to make a payment. These are the things you need to complete your payment:

  • Your IFS account number
  • Retail Receive Code:8794
  • City/ State: Irving/ TX

When paying a lease, use the Lease Receive Code: 8796. The rest of the details do not change.

You can process this payment at any MoneyGram location near you.


You can pay with an ATM Debit Card, a Visa/MasterCard Check Card, or an electronic check/ACH through BillMatrix, our third-party payment service. A convenience fee of $5.95 will be levied if you use this service provider.

You can use the BillMatrixBellatrix automated phone system to make a one-time payment by calling 1-800-606-6613. You will only need your IFS account number. Even so, you cannot use this payment option for leases.


You can mail your payment to the following addresses. Ensure that you indicate your account number in the memo section of the check.

Regular Payment:

Regular Mail

INFINITI Financial Services

P.O. BOX 740849

Cincinnati, OH 45274-0849

Overnight Mail

INFINITI Financial Services

ATTN: RLBX 740849


5050 Kingsley Dr.

Cincinnati, OH 45227

Payoff Payment:

Regular Mail

INFINITI Financial Services

P.O. BOX 740849

Cincinnati, OH 45274-0849

Overnight Mail

INFINITI Financial Services

ATTN: RLBX 740849


5050 Kingsley Dr.

Cincinnati, OH 45227

For settling a lease, use the following address:

Regular Payment:

Regular Mail

INFINITI Financial Services

P.O. BOX 740596

Cincinnati, OH 45274-0596

Overnight Mail

INFINITI Financial Services

ATTN: RLBX 740596


5050 Kingsley Dr.

Cincinnati, OH 45227

Payoff Payment

IFS does not accept a payoff from lease customers in most states. You can get more information by clicking the LIVE CHAT button or calling 1-800-627-4437.

Recurring Payment (AutoPay)

You can set up Recurring Payments to automatically debit your monthly payment from your checking or savings account once you’ve logged into your account.  

  • Log in to your account online OR use your smartphone to download the INFINITI Finance Account Manager.
  • Go to the My Account page and click the “Payments” button.
  • Choose “Recurring Payments” from the drop-down menu.
  • That will default to your regular monthly payment amount, but you can specify a ‘Principal Amount’ that will be drafted each month.
  • Next, choose the date on which you’d like your payment to be drafted. You can plan your draft date eight days before or after your due date.
  • To arrange the payment, continue to follow the directions on the page. You will receive a confirmation email once the money has been correctly submitted.

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Infiniti Payment Questions and Answers

When my account is paid off, will my recurring payment be automatically stopped?

When you pay off your account, Recurring Payments are usually no longer debited from your bank account. However, if a Recurring Payment is executed after the payback date, you may be eligible for a refund up to the amount overpaid on your account.

When do I have to pay a late fee?

According to the state’s laws where you signed your contract, you may be charged a late fee. Please study your agreement for more details, such as applicable fees assessed and the timing of potential fee assessments.

If a more convenient due date is required, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service at 1-800-627-4437 or use the chat option to speak with an online representative.

What happens if my bank returns my payment?

IFS will re-submit the draft to your financial company if your payment is returned for any reason. If the amount is returned after the second attempt, your IFS account will be charged a fee, and the amount will be reversed. IFS is not liable for any fees imposed by your banking institution due to any efforts to collect your payment.

What are the different types of bank accounts that I can use to make a payment?

Payments can be made using a checking or savings account from a financial institution that only deals in U.S. dollars.

You should be able to make payments online at most financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions. If you have any doubts, contact your banking institution.

Infiniti Payment Customer Service

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