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Honda Lease Payment Options

Honda lease payment options are perfect for people who want to get into a new car but can’t afford it. With over two decades of financial experience, Honda is the perfect brand to allow customers to get behind the wheel of a new car every two to three years by making monthly payments instead of making one lump sum payment when they purchase the car.

Create an Online Account to Make Your Honda Lease Payments

Honda has multiple ways for you to pay your bills, with the ability to do so through the website or in-person at a dealership. Through an integrated dashboard, you can track your costs and payments, sending alerts when necessary. Make payments when it’s convenient for you, even when offline. To enjoy these privileges and more, you’ll need to create your Honda online account. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to Honda Financial Services homepage.
  • Click on the “LOGIN” button you will find right below the title “ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT” in the menu on the right of your screen.
  • Click on the “Create Account” link on the right of your screen, below the “SIGN IN” button.
  • Enter the following information in the online registration form that appears on your screen:
    • First Name.
    • Last Name.
    • Email Address.
    • Password. After entering your password, you have to re-enter the same password in the box below. Also, ensure that your password meets the provided criteria for uniqueness and robust security.
  • Check out Honda Financial Services’ terms and conditions. Go through each point carefully, and if you agree with them, check the box.
  • Click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.
  • Go to the email address you provided inbox and enter the verification code on the registration page. Click “VERIFY.” Honda Financial Services will send a code to you to ensure the email you provided is yours.
  • Next, you will be required to enter three security questions that will help protect your Honda online account even more.
  • For every security question, you will have to;
    • Click on “choose a question” and select one of the six questions.
    • Click “answer” and type in the security answer. You want to ensure that every question receives an accurate answer since you will need it during account recovery.
  • Click on the “SUBMIT” button.
  • The final step in the registration process will be to add your Honda account. So you will enter the following information:
    • Your Honda Financial Service Account Number. Check your monthly statement’s upper left for this number. Or similarly, you can get it on the welcome mailer from Honda Financial Service.
    • Four last digits of your social security number or your Tax ID.
  • Read the terms and conditions and check the “Yes” box if you want to receive your HFS statements at your email address.
  • If you would like to receive the latest news of Honda’s products, check any of the boxes.
  • Take on the “reCAPTCHA” test.
  • Click on the “FINISH” button.

Make a Honda Lease Payment by Logging in to your Account

Now that you have your Honda online account running, you can update your contact information, look up repair orders or service history, or view current or past statements. Here is how you log in to your Honda Financial Services account:

  • Visit the Honda Financial Services website using the URL;
  • Click in “LOG IN” under the “Account Management” section. That is on the far right of your screen.
  • Type the following details;
    • Your Email Address.
    • Password.
  • Click on the “SIGN IN” button.

One-Time Payment

You have the option to make your Honda lease payment easier than before using the One-Time Payment feature. A One-Time Payment is a convenient and quick way of making one-time, non-recurring payments to your Honda account. Users can make One-Time Payments toward their monthly payments and any additional payments.


There is also the EasyPay feature that allows you to make automatic payments. That makes your work easy since you can schedule your payment on a specific date and time each month.

To take advantage of this feature:

  • Click on “MY ACCOUNT.”
  • Select “Manage My Payments.”
  • Click on “EasyPay.”

Other Honda Lease Payment Options

Honda financial services offer you other alternatives to explore if you cannot make your payments using your online payment portal. These options include:

Pay by Phone

By calling HFS’ automated payment service, you can make your Honda lease payment for free. The automated system will walk you through the process of making the payment. You must, however, have a bank or savings account added to your online payment portal to use this option. Contact the service through 800-543-5636.

Pay with ACI Pay

If you’d like to make a monthly payment with your debit card or ATM card, call ACI Pay at 1-800-366-8500. If you want to make monthly payments automatically, you will not be able to do so by using ACI Pay. A fee is applicable when using this service.

Pay with Western Union

Western Union Quick Collect is a service for same-day payments that may incur an additional fee. To use the service, visit your nearest Western Union location with cash or a debit card. You can find a list of locations at their website,

When making this payment, you will require the following details;

  • Your Honda Financial Services Account Number
  • Correct City and State Code: HONDAFINANCE, CA

Pay by Mail

If you’d like to make an automatic monthly payment, send the payment coupon included in your monthly statement back with your money order or check.

Payment Address


P.O. Box 7829

Philadelphia, PA 19101-7829

Overnight Address

Honda Financial Services

Lockbox #7829

400 White Clay Center Drive

Newark, DE 19711


Need to make a same-day payment? MoneyGram can step in to help. They charge a fee, remember! But it’s a small price to pay for the level of customer service they provide. MoneyGram is found at many local convenience stores and gas stations. For a complete list of terms and conditions, visit

Provide the following information when making your payment:

  • Your Honda Financial Services Account Number.
  • Your receive code of 1888.

Find out more about Honda Financial Services.

Honda Lease Questions and Answers

Can I make my Honda lease payment using my credit card?

Unfortunately, Honda does not accept credit card payments. However, you can use the other options available.

What if my check bounces due because of insufficient cash?

If there’s no money in the account, HFS will need you to submit a replacement payment. You may also be responsible for penalties like dishonored payment charges (unless your finance or lease agreement says otherwise).

I made my online payment. How soon will the transaction reflect on my bank account?

Honda Financial Services will credit your account within two business days of submitting your transaction before the deadline of 2:00 pm P.T. on weekdays. Regardless of the date, Honda Financial Services credits your account, and you will always receive the benefit of their payment date.

Will my pending payment be affected if I make changes to my bank account details online?

Changes to your bank account will not automatically affect pending payments. To adjust a due amount, visit the Finance Account Overview page and click on “Manage Bank Accounts,” now locate the bank account you wish to change. If it’s linked to any payments, you’ll be instructed to hit “Go to pending payments” then follow the on-screen instructions.

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