MBUSA Financial Services

MBUSA Financial Services Overview: Current offers 2022

The Mercedes-Benz brand, which was first established in 1926 and continues to maintain its reputation for quality both inside and outside of the automotive industry.

The company’s history dates back decades before it’s the oldest surviving vehicle with Carl Benz receiving a patent on an internal combustion engine that would power cars just 10 years ago at age 76.

The world’s two oldest automakers — Benz &Cie. and DMG merged to form Daimler AG forty years after Benz’s invention of the first diesel engine in the car.

In 1891 for 100% ownership by DMG to compete with other luxury carmakers like Rolls Royce.

Daimler AG remains number one for dealership financing satisfaction with their credit-luxury captive offerings through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services out of all retail dealerships across America by JDPower U.S.

MBUSA Financial Overview

Financing terms are available for up to 72 months.

It’s possible to apply online, at the dealership, or through the MBFS app on your phone. The minimum credit score required is 700 (leasing). Mercedes-Benz Financial Services provides three primary ways for you to get behind the wheel: First Class Lease – lease terms last anywhere from 24–60 months which the company will detail below. First-class financing offers terms ranging between 24 to 72 months with some restrictions depending on where it applies like state laws regarding loan amounts/rates etc.

Balloon Financing. This type of financing gives buyers the ability to defer their payment at the end for a certain amount or time period. MBFS says that it’s not available in every state but if you do plan on going through one of its options such as buying with an online bank or credit union then be sure and shop around because chances are good there will still be other banks out there willing to give better rates than what your current institution has offered!

Apply for MBUSA Financial

MBFS applicants can apply for credit in one of three ways:

Online, at a dealership or through the My MBF mobile app (Apple Store & Google Play). You’ll need to supply your name and some personally-identifying information like Social Security number (or an IRS form W2), date of birth as well as residency details such as occupation type (own/live with parents) & length employment history; income data, including work phone numbers are also required when applying by mail.

The Mercedes-Benz Collection is a subscription program that allows you to lease various models of cars with no mileage limits and includes maintenance, insurance and “flips” (ability to change vehicles) each month. The app makes it easy for members who are approved by the company’s concierge service team – they will deliver your chosen car right at home once requested!

Auto loan calculator with amortization schedule table

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Payment schedule
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One-time commission
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Monthly payment First payment
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Months Payment Principal Paid Interest Paid Remaining Balance


The leasing program from MBFS has a range of maximum miles per year, with 24-60 months and potential fees for items over the limit mileage. For instance, when you drive more than 7 500 to 20 000 miles in one lease term (which could translate into 12 years), there is an additional 25 cents surcharge on top each time you go above that amount during any given month or year. This charge also applies if termination occurs early without at least 3 full payments completed. 

In addition, these costs may apply excess wear & tear charges upon returning the vehicle prior to replacing/repairing original parts due to certain conditions like heavy usage causing excessive tires destruction, etc.

The option to pay a deposit for your monthly lease is not required in most states, but MBFS offers it as an extra cost. This reduces the amount you have put down on each month and can be rolled into next year’s term if needed. You also get three choices when that expires: Return vehicle(with or without refund), extend the current contract or buy a new car from them with no strings attached.

MBUSA Financial Offers

MBFS offers special financing for customers who are “qualified”. MBFS declined to answer questions regarding their requirements or what qualifies someone as being qualified so it’s hard to say if this is a good deal, just be aware of the risks involved with leasing from them

In early January 2019 they were offering 2-year lease terms at 3% APR which would average out about 24 months’ worth of payments on your credit card compared against 72 months – but then again not all leases will work well in conjunction with an auto loan program.

MBFS offers special financing on used cars, and the CPO program makes these deals even better. As of now (January 9th) they’re offering 1% APR for 36 months with no down payment required – that means you will only pay interest.