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Audi is one of the world-renowned luxury car manufacturers founded in 1909. It is based in Germany and sells its products across the world. When it comes to payments, Audi Financial Services offers flexible payment options suitable for all kinds of buyers. In addition, Audi offers some of the most attractive lease deals on new vehicles. When you strike a deal with Audi, the next step is to make payments. If you have any problems after making a purchase, Audi Financial Services have the perfect solution.

Register an Account to Make Your Audifs Online Payment

Audi Financial Services gives you the chance to make your Audi online payment. If you’d like to take advantage of this privilege, all you need is an Audi online account. Here is how you create an Audi online payment account.

Audi Financial Services
(screenshot from
  • Visit the Audi website by entering the URL:
  • Click on the “Login” button on the left of your screen, under the “Welcome to Audi Financial Services” section.
  • Click on the “Sign up for a new account” link on the left of your screen. Look for it under the title “New to Audi Financial services?”
  • Click on the “Create your myAudi Account” button on the pop-up message that appears on your screen.
  • Click on the “Let’s go” button on the left of your screen under the “Welcome to myAudi” title.
  • Click on the “Create Account” button.
  • Enter your Email address.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Type in a password of your choice. Make it unique and strong.
  • Review Audi’s Terms of use and Privacy policy and click on the “Accept” button if you agree with every point.
  • Check your email inbox and click on the “Verify your email address” button to confirm email validity.
  • Click on the “Let’s go” button on the myAudi homepage.
  • Enter the following information to complete your profile;
    • Salutation (this is optional).
    • First Name.
    • Last Name.
    • Phone Number.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Address line.
    • City.
    • Zip code.
    • State
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Click on the “Search VIN’ button to proceed.
  • Review the information you’ve provided and hit the “Confirm” button.

Make an AudiUSA Online Payment by Logging in to your Account

When you already have an Audi online payment account, you only need to log in to your account to make such payments. Check out the instructions below on how to log in to your Audi account.

  • Visit Audi’s official homepage using the URL:
  • On the menu, hover your cursor over “myAudi.”
  • Click on “myAudi login.”
  • Click on the “Let’s go” button.
  • Enter the following information:
    • Your email address. Then click on the “Next” button.
    • Your password.
  • Click “Next,” and you are good to go.

Other Options to Pay Your Audi Bill

If you’d like to explore alternatives other than Audi online account payment, then the company has more options you can select. Below is a list of different payment options to pay your Audi bills.

Pay Through Bank

You can use your bank to pay your Audi bill. All you have to do is reference the account number together with the payment address, which you can find on the billing statement you receive monthly.

Pay by Phone

Audi Financial Services allows you to pay your bills by making a phone call. You can use the automated phone system method, or you can contact Audi’s customer care agent through the number (888) 237-28-34. When using the former, you’ll need to provide your Checking Account Number and Bank Routing Number. To enter your personal information, you should select the first option.

Pay by Mail

You can also mail your Audi payment to the address included on the front side of your invoice. Do not forget to put your account number on the written check. The amount of time it may take for your check to reach Audi is about seven days.

Mailing address;

Audi Financial Services

P.O. Box 5215

Carol Stream, IL 60197-5215

Pay with Western Union® Quick Collect

Using Western Union to pay your Audi bills may incur some charges. You will need the following during your transactions;

  • Your Audi Financial Services account number.
  • City code.
  • State code.

Pay with MoneyGram

Paying your Audi bills using MoneyGram may also result in some charged fees. You should have your Audi Financial Services account number and receive code.

Audi Online Payment Questions and Answers

My payment is due on holiday, Sunday, or a non-working day. What should I do?

If your Audi payment is scheduled for a non-business day, you can always pay on that date. Do not worry about your payment not reflecting that date. Audi financial services will credit your payment to the next business day.

How do I know that my payment is credited to my account?

Once Audi Financial Services receives your payment via mail or any other payment option you use, they will credit the payment to your account after processing the payment. That should not take long. When the processing is complete, you will see the update made on your payment history in your online account.

What if I am late in making my Audi bill payment by some days?

Audi Financial Services will always send you email notifications reminding you of the upcoming due date so that you do not miss it. However, in case you do not make your payment, then you may incur some extra charges. Therefore, you should check out the Audi Financial Services Terms and Conditions.

Does Audi Financial Services offer me a grace period?

When you fail to pay your Audi bill on the scheduled due date, Audi Financial Services often gives you a grace period of between five to fifteen days for you to pay your bills.

I want to change my payment date. Is it possible?

If you would like to change your payment date, Audi Financial Services allows you to do that. However, you will have to contact the customer service center.

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